Thursday, February 21, 2019


Last night was a special event at Riverdale School!
We had a community event where all our families came along to have a picnic and have some fun!
There was a book fair, face painting, henna, rippa rugby, a sausage sizzle, a police car, a fire engine, a stock car and even Mr Pike the Magician!!!

 We had a great night being together as a School Community.


Oliver's Mum brought in Tiger, Oliver's little kitten.  Tiger is three months old and is super cute.  The children were all very good at keeping nice and quiet so that Tiger wouldn't be scared, especially when we did the Pou Mihi.

Thanks for bring Tiger in Kathryn!


In Mrs Lunn's Reading group, the kids had a new reading activity.  It is called Secret Sight Words.  The children need to look at the pictures on the card and say the first sound.  They then find the magnetic letter of that sound and make the code word. 

Lucas and Cruz had a great time doing this activity today.  There were having so much fun that Indi and Alyssa thought they would have a turn!

Clever cookies!

Saturday, February 16, 2019


At Friday's School Assembly the new teachers to the school were 'initiated!'

Ms Udy - you were a good sport!

Three of our classmates were awarded Principal's Awards this week.  Congratulations to Braxton, Mason and Jacob N. 


On a rainy Friday morning, we went to Smart Moves in the Hall.  We worked on crossing the midline, by doing things like bunny hops from side to side.  Activities also focus on developing our coordination and gross motor skills.  We have a bit of fun too!


Some of the children opted in to a workshop to make balloon rockets.  The kids were presented with the materials needed and they had to try and figure out how to make the rocket.  The first challenged they faced was which way to have the opening of the balloon, as you can see here... 😂

We eventually got the balloon working!

Then we worked in small teams to make our own balloon rockets.  It took a lot of concentration and teamwork.

Once we were all organised we tested our rockets!

 We had a few races too...

Sophia explains what we got up to today...

And if you are wondering about the science behind Balloon Rockets, this video explains it really well.

Monday, February 11, 2019


This week we are continuing to learn the new routines.  We have started Reading this week.  There is lots to learn, new games and activities and how to do the Must Dos and Can Dos.  Over the following few days, home readers will start coming home.


We are pretty good at setting up the equipment for PE..


We are continuing with our Maths challenges focusing on answering open ended maths questions.