Monday, July 1, 2019


We used this picture as a prompt for our writing today.  We talked a lot before we started writing, about what we noticed in the picture, what we wondered and what we though might happen.  Here's what we came up with....

I saw a boy riding on his skateboard.  He fell off it.  He cried and cried.  His Mum came running to help him.  He had a big graze on his head.  His Mum carried him home.
By Amelia

On a massive hill, I think he will brake his head before he goes for his long swim.
By Liam

I see my brother on my friend's skateboard with no helmet, at our friend's house.  My Mum did not know, so I called out to Mum and she came out.  She called him to come inside and he did come inside and he got grounded.
By Sophie

I see a boy on a skateboard . He is riding on the steep hill.
By Bana

I noticed that he might fall off.  I noticed that there is a drain.  I can see that there is a ramp.
By Kruz

I see a boy riding down a hill.  It is a steep hill.  I think that he might crash into the water.  There is a brown drain.  All of the houses have orange roofs.  There is a white fence.  The hill is ginormous.  The water looks very cold.  I think he should put a helmet on.
By Madison

Thursday, June 27, 2019


This evening Riverdale School held their Art Expo.  So many parents came to see it.  Don't panic if you missed out tonight, we have left all our art in our classroom so you can pop in tomorrow morning and see all our creativity.  

The Art Expo was the Act part of our Inquiry.  We hope you enjoyed see all the lovely art pieces around the school.



Today we celebrated Matarki - the Maori New Year


We were allowed to brainstorm some ideas of what we wanted to do to celebrate.  This is because traditionally the children got to choose...

Here are some of the things we suggested:

  • write stories
  • draw pictures
  • make kites
  • make some food
So have a look at some of the things that we did:


Isalei has been going to Hannah for Guitar lessons. Yesterday we were very privileged to have Isalei make her debut performance for us!

Congratulations Isalei... you were amazing!!!

Wednesday, June 19, 2019


What a busy day we had today.  Not only was it Wig Wednesday and Grandparents' Day ... we had Isalei's mum and Nanny come in and help us make some rock art!

We had to put little pebbles on our boards to make them into pictures.  Every single one was different and unique.

We can't wait to show them to you at the expo!





Today our Grandparents came to school!

It was so great that over 170 Nanas, Poppas, Grandmas, Grandpas, Grandads, Nannys and Koros, came to visit us at school to see what goes on.

Look at these lovely photos of a few of us with our much loved grandparents!

On Grandparents' Day, my Nana came to Riverdale School.  I gave my Nana a tour around the school.
By Liam

I miss my grandparents because they live in a country and it is called Jordan.  I miss them.
By Bana

Thanks for coming xxx


Today was Wig Wednesday.  We all wore wigs to school to help raise money for the Child Cancer  Foundation.  One of our friends at Riverdale School was diagnosed with Cancer a few years ago.  We wanted to help children like Riley by supporting this worthy cause.  The children of Riverdale raised over $500!           

On Wig Wednesday, everyone's grandparents came to Riverdale School to see every kid.   Everyone's wigs were cool even the teachers were wearing a wig.  They were amazing.

By Amelia

There were triplets.  There were rainbow wigs.  We were raining money for Child Cancer.  We raised 500 dollars.
By Tryton

On Wig Wednesday, people had lots of wigs on some were green and reg and pink and purple. It was lots of fun and our Grandmas and Poppa came too.  It was fun.
By Asha

Yay! Yay!  It was Wig Wednesday.  I got to wear a funny pink wig and grandparents came to school.  We raised money for Child Cancer for a girl called Riley.
By Ava

On Wednesday, I brought mu wig to school and my wig was green and everyone laughed.
By Geordie

One day, it was Wig Wednesday.  Lots of people were wearing wigs.  The wigs are funny and cool.  We had assembly for the best wigs.  I didn't bring a wig but my friends did.  There was Grandparents day too.  My grandparents didn't come because my family is in China because I come from China.  I want to go back to China because I got used to things from China.
By Bower