Sunday, December 8, 2019


We had GREAT fun at Genius Hour.  We had to make our do something WITH a friend.  We have been talking all about Friendship so we put it to the test!
Look at the wonderful creations we came up with.




You might hear us talking about Rich Tasks in Maths.  These are open ended questions that there are often multiple answers to or multiple ways to solve it.  Last week we had a McDonalds inspired Rich Task.  Kate's Dad works there!

It was a huge hit with the kids!




On Friday some of the kids in Piako Rua harvested the potatoes that the Gardening Club had been growing.  Mrs Lunn and Mrs Ruawai had to dig up the potatoes and then we had a feel around in the dirt to find the potatoes.

The potatoes are going to be used in the Hangi today.

Look how many we found! Some are too green to use and some are too small.  
The rest will be delicious!


Congratulations to our Year 2 overall winners for Athletics.
Way to go Brooklyn and Lukas!

Thursday, November 21, 2019

Outdoor Classroom

We are very lucky to be so close to the outdoor classroom, just around the back of Piako Rua. As part of our Term 4 Inquiry about Nature, we have been exploring and learning in our outdoor classroom. Here are some pictures of the forts and huts we have created, the fun we have had, and the interesting fungi we have found.