Monday, November 11, 2019


We have been busy testing the children on their Reading and Maths over this week and last.  Please bear with us as we will be back to normal home reading as soon as possible.

Thursday, October 31, 2019

Digital Microscope

Ms Udy has been helping some of us use a digital microscope in class. We even worked out how to take photos with it, which was very exciting.

In a literacy group, we looked at our skin and some leaves up close, then wrote descriptions about each. We were amazed to see that tiny freckles show up on the computer screen like a big bruise!

As part of our Think It Friday work on Spies today, some of us chose to work with Ms Udy to investigate objects with the microscope and write, draw or talk about them. Some amazing discussions have been had!

 A leaf with the midrib showing.

Close up of an amethyst, showing the colours we couldn't see with the naked eye.

Left: Penny G's blonde hairs (on a bright green table).

Below: Ms Udy's mix of dark and blonde hairs. We all thought it was really funny that Ms Udy has lots of different colours in her hair!

Quite a few of us asked Ms Udy how we could get a microscope like this one. Luckily, we found out that the school has a few of them in the science store room, so we'll be able to use them again. In case any parents are interested, here is a link to the kind we used:   Zoomy Digital Microscope

Monday, October 28, 2019

Senses - Taste Tests

As part of our work on senses, we have learnt about taste with Ms Udy. We learnt about sweet, sour, salty, bitter and umami flavours. We each tasted four liquids, and tried to identify whether they were sweet, sour, salty or bitter. We also talked about further experiments we could do at home.

1. Blindfold taste test: One person arranges lots of small pieces of food, with a variety of flavours, on a plate. The other person is blindfolded, and has to try to work out what each food is. Does it make a difference when you hold your nose so you can't smell the food?

2. Dry mouth tasting: With a clean cloth or paper towel, one person wipes their tongue so it is dry. The other person brings them pieces of food to try (with or without a blindfold). How hard is it to taste the food when your tongue is dry?

Here is the slide show we used - look out for the plate with lots of ideas for blindfold taste tests :) 


Today we continued our learning on Senses.  With Mrs Lunn we did a quiz.  She gave us a little scenario and we had to decide what sense we would use.

Here is the quiz we used so we can do it with you at home... you'll see how COMPETENT we are!

Wednesday, October 23, 2019


This week we have been learning about our Five Sense with Tim and Harold in the Life Ed truck.  We have been doing some extra learning about them in the classroom too.  We have five senses:  Sight, Smell, Touch, Taste and Hearing.  These are the what we use to experience the world around us.  Time told us all about how our senses send messages to our fabulous brains to process the information we are hearing, seeing, smelling, tasting and touching.


One of the activities we did was a 'Guess the Sound' game...
You could play it at home with us!
Test your sense of hearing.

Monday, October 21, 2019

Think It Friday - Bears

Last Friday, we heard a story about bears (We're Going on a Bear Hunt) and talked about other stories we know that have bears. We talked about real bears and bears in stories - where they live, what they eat, and what else they do. After some discussion about our options, we were let loose to design or make something about bears to share with the class. This could be a song or poem, a design or model, a story or book review, a play or puppet show - it was really up to us! Wow, there are some creative thinkers in Piako Rua! We came up with lots of different ideas. We had lots of fun designing, researching, making, writing, reading, building and presenting!

 .        . 

Thursday, October 17, 2019

Catapults and Chemicals!

Some of us have been doing science experiments with Ms. Udy this week.

One group made catapults and checked how far they could fling a marble. We used popsicle sticks, rubber bands and plastic spoons. Each group had building time, practice time, then three turns that were measured. We were able to make modifications in between our three turns, and we worked out the average distance of each group. It was lots of fun and we learnt some interesting things about measuring and comparing distances. Unfortunately Ms Udy was too busy helping and measuring to take any photos on that day! Here is a link to the kind of catapults we made:

Later in the week, another group made potions. We started with mixing vinegar and baking soda and learning about chemical reactions. We learnt a little bit about acids and bases and how they react with each other. We each got to make a reaction with some red food colouring so it looked like lava coming out of a volcano! Next, we mixed up water and food colouring, then added different amounts of sugar to each colour. When we stirred them really well, this made some colours more dense than others. We very carefully poured them on top of each other, or used the big droppers to stack the colours on top of each other.